Yoga with Nicole in Alameda

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Yoga for Cancer with Nicole Cavales and Winona Farris
Saturday, June 3  3-5pm

Discover a deeper well-being and savor the benefits of yoga. Yoga can help manage the intense emotions arise with cancer, it can help to boost your mofod and energy, it can help manage physical pain, and provide support through community. Whether you are in active treatment or living beyond cancer, yoga can help you to relax the mind and body and leave you feeling rejuvenated with new energy.

This workshop incorporates gentle movements, restorative poses, deep breathing exercises, and meditation to help you experience a blissful relaxation. Aromatherapy and Reiki, a Japanese energy healing, will also be incorporated. This class welcomes beginners, those who are currently in treatment for any cancer, and those who are post-op mastectomy and/or breast reconstruction (with clearance from your surgeon).  Space is limited so pre-register early!

Reiki & Restorative with Nicole Cavales & Valerie Jew
Saturday, June 17th, 3-5pm
$35 early bird, $40 after 5/20

Reiki is an Japanese Energy Healing technique that promotes healing, relaxation, and stress-reduction. The light touch of Reiki, combined with supported restorative yoga poses, lets the body and mind completely relax, and revitalizes your energy. This, in combination with gentle movements and guided mediation, provides a complete experience, leaving you feeling renewed and rejuvenated. This workshop will also include the use of Aromatherapy to allow the body and mind to sink deeper into relaxation, and promote healing.

Both Nicole and Valerie are seasoned yoga instructors, DoTerra Wellness Advocates, and Reiki I & II practitioners. They each have diverse experience supporting and teaching at various levels, to diverse groups, and providing healing energy to all their students.  Space is limited, so register early!


Poised for Change:  Coping with Menopause through Yoga

No Workshop Currently Scheduled - Stay Tuned for future dates

at Island Yoga Studio, 911 Central Ave., Alameda

Menopause is a natural transition that all women face at a certain age.  Whether you are dealing with perimenopause or post menopause symptoms, yoga can help you cope and find relief.  In this workshop we will explore different postures and breath work to help manage common menopausal symptoms with ease and comfort. These practices are designed to help cool your body, reduce fatigue, and elevate your mood.  In addition, aromatherapy and Reiki will be incorporated in this workshop.  Space is limited, so register early.  No experience necessary.  $40 early registration / $45 at the door.  Register online at


Healing Arts & Fertility:  Art Therapy and Yoga 

No Workshop Currently Scheduled - Stay Tuned for future dates

Until then, Join Nicole for monthly Restorative Yoga at Island Yoga

Although the practice of yoga can’t guarantee pregnancy, it can provide an immense physical and emotional support through the journey to becoming a parent. Embarking on the path to conception can often be very stressful and emotional, especially if you are facing difficulties. The practice of yoga and art therapy allows you to reconnect with your body, breath, partner and spirit, and help you cope and open your heart to the family that you desire.

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