Yoga with Nicole in Alameda

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Class Descriptions

My hope is to create a welcoming environment where I can help guide others 
to find the same joy in life that I do through the practice of yoga.  
Honor. Serve. Guide. Inspire. 

Gentle Yoga

This class provides the foundation for those beginning a yoga practice with particular emphasis on Principles of Alignment. It is great for those wanting to increase strength and flexibility and improve range of motion and functional movement. Postures are held for extended periods to experience the dynamic action within each pose and create greater extension and expansion.  

Hatha Flow

Deepen your practice with a peaceful and invigorating class.  This class is suited for all levels and will incorporate flowing movements while focusing on alignment, breath work and centering.  This class is a great way to get your day started!

Family Yoga (ages 2+)

These yoga classes create a space where families can connect with each other and their community.  Families find support for a healthier lifestyle and get to enjoy a holistic family-centered activity.  All ages and levels of experience can be found in a family yoga class.  An adult who is new to yoga, a student with years of experience, a pre-teen and a pre-schooler may all be practicing alongside one another.

Stories, games, and partner poses are all likely elements in a family yoga class.  Children are encouraged to share their ideas for stories and this creates a wonderful opportunity for creative expression.  This helps facilitate connection between family members.  

Children mirror their parents and are very curious about what they do.  Engaging in a healthy practice, like yoga, is great modeling for kids.  Having them join in is even better!


Yoga with Nicole in Alameda